Chocolate and Silver Labradors For Stud and Breeding Yelm Washington

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Meet Our Friendly Family of Dogs

Chocolate and Silver Labradors For Stud and Breeding Yelm Washington

Our Dogs

Here are the members of our Labrador family. We love them dearly.


Charcoal Stud - Jagermiester

  • Luha - Charcoal
  • Zima - Charcoal
  • Sangria - Charcoal
  • Azul - silver
  • Tess - Silver factored Chocolate
  • Cazadores - Silver

    Silver Stud - Whiskey

    Tito Is his replacement in 2 years

  • Tequila- Dilute factored Black
  • Harley - Chocolate
  • Opal - Charcoal

    Chocolate Stud - Jackson

  • Tika - Chocolate
  • Avion - Chocolate
  • River - Chocolate factored black
  • Berkley - Chocolate - silver factored

    Red Stud - Gunner

  • Midori - Red Fox
  • Georgia Moon - Yellow - red factored
  • Mouser- Yellow - red factored

    Avion Espresso
    Avion is a beautiful Dark Chocolate female with an exquisite English build. She has been claimed by my son Memphis as his dog. She is extremely calm, very well mannered and loves to play fetch, of course. Avion is about 90 pounds. She prefers to be in our son's room curled up on his bed. Her first few litters with Jackson were amazing and we will have much more to come from this paring.

    Azul is out of our best lines. She is a silver out of Kahlua, Bacardi, Whiskey blood lines. We are excited to have their blood lines continuing with Jagermiester (our hunter). They have produced some amazing pups and we are excited to continue with this line. She has turned our absolutely stunning with her color and build. Her & Jager produce some great stocky block headed silver and Charcoal pups with great drive.

    Meet Berkley - She is a very beautiful smart Chocolate silver factored female from Tess & Whiskey. She loves to retrieve and play fetch. She is medium energy level and a cuddle bug.

    Black Opal
    Opal, a beautiful charcoal female is the newest addition from Jager line to our pack. Her mom is in our extended family known as Sage. Opal is turning out to be one awesome dog she is so respectful and loving. She should be about 80 ish pounds when full grown. She is full English with broad features. We are excited to see what she brings to the pack.

    Meet Campari. She is a beautiful black female out of Foxy & Jackson. She is only about 60 pounds. She has an exquisite personality loves to play and get cuddles. Her & Gunner produce some very nice Yellow, red and black pups. One of which is on the National Geographic's TV Series. Watch for many more amazing pups from this pairing.

    We kept Casa from Whiskey, Max, Bacardi & Kahlua's lines. She is a very nice built English female, with broad head nice thick otter tail. She loves to play, but is still slightly unruly. We are hoping she will calm as she grows. She is expected to have pups with Jager in 2020.

    Georgia Moon
    Georgia is a nice yellow female out of Foxy & Biscuit. Biscuit is a 3 time national champion with a great pedigree to boot. She will be breeding with our awesome boy Gunner for some beautiful red pups in 2020. Details and images coming soon!

    Meet Harley- She is a beautiful dark chocolate female from Avion & Jackson. Harley has filled out to be awesome just like her parents. She will have her first litter in 2019 with Whiskey which we are super excited for.

    Martini she is our new Charcoal female from Zima and Jager's last litter. We are excited to see what she will produce with our boy Rebel. Our youngest son has claimed her and has been working with her. She is very lovey and wants to cuddle always.

    Midori is our red fox female labrador. She is such a quiet female. Very laid back almost never barks and prefers to be on the couch with you. She has produced some amazing red pups with Gunner and we are excited about her puppies for many more years to come.

    Penelton (Peyton) she is a very sweet black female that carried the dilute gene. She can produce black, silver, charcoal and chocolate all in the same litter. We are excited to have her join our pack as she is very very sweet and extremely smart. She has her HRC Started title and a few other certifications. She is clear on all genetics and is OFA good.

    River is a beautiful Pointing black lab with impeccable blood lines and ability. She loves to hunt and is great at it or just bring her in the house and she cuddles right into you. River has great speed and control all in a small package of just 46 pounds. She has been an amazing new addition to our pack. She has produced some top quality pups from with Jagermiseter.

    Sangria has been a great addition to our pack. She is out of Max who is the son of Kahlua our matriarch. Sangria is a charcoal female that has produced some awesome pups with both Jager & Whsikey. She has a great sweet personality and and very loyal to her person our 16 yr old daughter.

    Tequila is a gorgeous Black female who carries the dilute gene. She has a great pedigree and such a sweet temperament. She produces most colors and some very easily trained well behaved and absolutely gorgeous pups now matter whom she is bred to.

    Tess is our new Dark chocolate female. She is about 75 pounds of pure hunting drive. She is an amazing hunter, she will retrieve every bird every time and such a sweet love. Very well trained and strong headed female. She has produced awesome pups with both Jackson and Whiskey.

    Meet Tikka, she is a very sweet, loving, beautiful dark chocolate female. Tikka has settled in nicely and loves to play ball. She has the nice big lab ears and paws. She makes some very nice puppies and is currently breeding to Jackson for some gorgeous chocolate pups.


    Please, read our Breeding Contract.

    Meet Gunner our red boy. He is a beautiful light red color, very tall with a broad head, and weighing in at about 90 pounds. Gunner has a very, very nice pedigree for hunting as well as great family dogs. He loves to retrieve like no other and is absolutely content to be a house lap dog. He can't get enough of the kids, which is great since we have 5 J. He is super, super smart . . . too smart for his own good sometimes, but has been a great addition to our pack. We are pleased with the red pups that have come out of Foxy & him as well as the yellows, reds and whites we got from Bailey & him. Keep your eye on this one if you are wanting a red or yellow you won't be sorry. He is available for stud service to OFA approved bitches for $2000.00 or pick of the litter, CBR's decision.

    Jager is our Charcoal Labrador stud. He has grown into a very handsome man, he has a very nice stocky English build. He is extremely laid back but very eager to please. He is currently with his trainer Andy from Water Dog University working on his AKC Master National hunt title and his HRC Grand National title. He has turned out to be the great addition to our family and his pups are just as smart and eager to please as he. Jagermeister in German for "Master Hunter." The nickname Jager means "hunter." Jager is available for stud to OFA approved bitches for $3000.00 or pick of litter, CBR's decision.

    Rebel Yell
    Rebel he is our newest addition to the pack. He is a silver male unrelated to any of our other males. Our new amazing line. Expected to be about 90-100 with nice English build. He will be heading to Waterdog University at 6 months old. We have high hopes for him to go far like Mr. Jagermeister has. Please watch for his achievements and future litters.

    Tito Tito is our new silver male. He is a grandson to Whiskey, Bacardi and Kahlua. He will be taking Whiskey's place in 1 yr (2020). He is a beautiful silver male with great bloodlines and such a sweet boy. We are excited to see what he becomes. Tito is available for stud to OFA approved bitches for $2000.00 or pick of litter our decision.

    Whiskey is a gorgeous Silver Labrador with amazing show lines. Whiskey's grandfather is "Silver Hill's Indian Chief" who is the only multi-titled silver Labrador. Whiskey is from a long line of championship show dogs and is producing some very nice high quality pups. He has over 400 pups on the ground so far and they are all very nice stocky square English gorgeous Labradors that are great hunting and family dogs. Whiskey dose tend to pass on his very sweet natured personality as well as his gorgeous color to his puppy. Whiskey is available for stud to OFA approved bitches for $2000.00 or pick of litter our decision.

    Yukon "Jackson" Zane Miller
    Jackson is our chocolate stud born 8/21/2009. Jackson is the son of Kahlua and Benelli. Jackson is built just like Benelli just bigger. He is 90 pounds of pure muscle. He has a very compact stocky block style build. Jackson loves to play and is a very competitive dog when it comes to retrieving. Jackson has been carrying on the superior qualities of Benelli and Kahlua in his breeding and has produced some amazing pups for hunting and family life. Jackson is no longer available to outside females.

    Chocolate and Silver Labradors For Stud and Breeding Yelm Washington

  • Chocolate and Silver Labradors For Stud and Breeding Yelm Washington Chocolate and Silver Labradors For Stud and Breeding Yelm WashingtonChocolate and Silver Labradors For Stud and Breeding Yelm WashingtonChocolate and Silver Labradors For Stud and Breeding Yelm Washington

    Chocolate Labradors For Stud Yelm Washington.